Double Sigma Mixer

Double Sigma Mixer machine

Double Sigma Mixer is a heavy-duty Sigma mixer specially designed to produce uniform mixing, blending & kneading of highly viscous, paste & dough type materials. Sigma mixer is used for kneading of putty, epoxy, paints, pigments, adhesives, gums, battery pastes, welding electrode flux, catalysts paste, plastic compounds, rubber compounds, papad, chocolate, bubble gum, etc.

double sigma mixer machine

The tangential action of mixing and kneading is thoroughly obtained by two ‘Z’ shaped kneading blades, which rotates very accurately at different speed towards each other causing the product to be transferred from one blade to the other. The mixing action is a combination of bulk movement, stretching, folding, dividing, and recombining of the material. The shearing & tearing action of the material against blades and the side walls causes size reduction of the solids.

Double Sigma Arm Mixers deliver high-capacity mixing performance, along with the durability and reliability world class bakeries demand. It’s precisely these un compromised qualities that have earned Peerless their reputation for high performance mixing and problem-free operation.



Lab Double Z Blade sigma Mixer

The machine is suitable to knead different viscosity CMC,also used in chemical ,plastic,rubber,oil,carbon,medicine,food and other lines.
The machine is designed double shafts to stir,which can make material react fast and mix uniformly.
There are three discharging types,such as hydraulic cylinder dumping,ball valve discharging and screw extrusion.

Blending machine Main features:

Discharge Way:hydraulic tilt,screw extruding,bottom valve.
Function:can be cooling or heating(electrical,cycle hot water/oil)
Type:normal type,pressure type,vacuum type.
Material:SS304,SS316 or carbon steel can be choose
Speed:controlled by frequency converter or fixed


  • Widely used n high viscosity product
  • Chemicals Industry:
  • Resins,sealant,silicon rubber, glue/adhesive, paint, dye, BMC/CMC, pigment, ,batteries.
  • Food Industry:
  • Bubble gum,dough,chewing gum,soft candy,cheese ete

Lab Mixer

double sigma kneader for bmc dough mixing

This Blending machine is Mesa Structure,horizontal and double blades type,(Sigma “Z” blade),with jacket which can be added water for cooling.

All the Material which contact the product is SS304

The Kneading Pot through grinding and polishing near to the Mirror,Polish degree is 0.8

It is special equipment to mix,knead,crush,disperse,polyermerzing high viscosity material,with uniform mixing,without dead angle,high kneading efficiency feature.

  1. It can be widely used in BMC/DMC, High viscosity Silicone Sealant, Silastic,Glass Cement, Chewinggum, Cellulose, Battery, Printing-ink, Dye, Resin, Plastic, Cosmetic, Pigment, Medicine Industry etc.
  2. Material is mainly Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel.
  3. Heating way with Steam Heating,Oil heating Electric heating.Water cooling system.
  4. Discharging way is mainly Hydraulic Dumping valve,Ball Valve Discharge,Screw Extruder Discharge.
  5. Three Main Type:Ordinary,Pressure Type,Vacuum Type.

Lab Mixer

Stainless steel double sigma kneading mixer

stainless steel double sigma wood pulp kneading mixer            

1.Material: stainless steel 304/316l, and choose the best accessories suppliers.
2.Machine size: custom made
3.Machine Volume can be customized
4.Condition: Brand-new, 100% manufactured from Abster Equipment.

5.Package:plastic cover, packed in shockproof  plywood boxes,or as request
(1) Easy to handle/operating with the PLC control system, and easy to clean/maintenance.
(2) Different stirring paddles to choose, Sigma/Z-shape/Fishtail/and cutter-blades
(3) Discharge ways: Tank-tilting, pump-extruding, bottom manual/hydraulic open and ball-valve.
(4) Speed control: PLC system with inverter to control the paddle rotating speed as request.
(5) Motor and Reducer: Equipped with the known brand Siemens motor and Elecon / Bonfiglioli /Nord  Reducer.
(6) Heating/Cooling/vacuum and Heavy duty system available as request.

(7) Function: Specially for shearing,squeezing,crushing,mixing and kneading powder/liquid viscous material.

Lab Mixer


double sigma kneading mixer for bmc dough mixing stainless steel double sigma kneading mixer CMC Double Sigma Arm Mixer
Casing Double Sigma Mixer welding paste mixing equipment with double Z blades 10L Lab silicone rubber double sigma blade mixer/ sigma kneader with extruder
stainless steel double sigma kneading mixer extrusion molding with mixed glue kneading machine Double Z Blades Sigma Mixer for laboratory use
Battery carbon electrode paste making machine kneader mixing machine chewing gum food grade kneading machine silicon kneader double sigma mixer 200L


double sigma mixer machine


double sigma mixer machine

double sigma mixer machine

double sigma mixer machine