Variable speed disperser in India

Variable speed disperser in India

variable speed disperser

Abster™ variable speed disperser is a highly versatile machine for the production of paints, inks, coatings, construction chemicals etc . The main function of this machine is for breaking up of the agglomerates , wetting & dispersing of pigments in liquids. Due to the variable speed control the speed of the shaft can be varied at different stages of the mixing process thus saving power. Another advantage is in the hydraulic lifting and lowering arrangement wherein the height of the mixing shaft can be adjusted so as to obtain a uniform product circulation & perfect dispersion. A wide range of paints & inks can be produced on our dissolvers without the use of grinding media. Mixing vessels of different capacities with heating, cooling & vacuum arrangements are also available.

We are one of the most reputed High Speed Stirrer manufacture and supplier based in Maharashtra. We manufacture and supply premium quality High Speed Stirrer which are made from best quality materials which offer, long life and study structure to it. This High Speed Stirrer can handle variable speeds and torque without any compromise in the quality or quantity of the operations. This cost effective and high performing stirrer have placed us among the topnotch High Speed Stirrer manufactures and suppliers.

Hydraulic High speed disperser

The most widely used effective tool in dispersion is High Speed Disperser. The design of HSD is based on following data.

  • 1. Viscosity-upto 50000cps
  • 2. Tips speed of Agitator blade (24 to 26 m/s)
  • 3. Horse power of Drive Motor.
  • 4. Dimentions of Vessel(D) (Diameter & Height)D=3d
  • 5. Diameter of Agitator Blade (Cowl)
  • 6. Clearance Between cowl (0.6d) and bottom of vessel

The Parameters indicated in bracket are tentative. For actual designs. Please contact our design Team.


The most popular and common applications of the Variable Speed Dispersers are as following:

General: Dispersing, suspending, emulsifying, dissolving, homogenizing, mixing and breaking down agglomerates of high viscous materials (up to 300,000 cPs)

Paints, varnishes and printing inks: Preparing paint batches, carbon paper paint, artist’s paints, priming and rust removing paints, fillers, dispersion and coating paints, varnish pastes, printing inks, resin solutions, textile printing inks, etc

Plastics: Preparing all types of PVC, PU pastes, color concentrates and plastic putties

Adhesives: Preparing rubber, neoprene, resin and other types of adhesives

Chemicals: Preparing filler dispersion, coating materials, insulation materials, bitumen based sealing materials, greases and lubricants