Agarwood oil

Agarwood oil – the gift from nature to inside out beauty

Today, people tend to look for botanical ingredient beauty products, also known as vegan beauty products. It is popular because of its humanity. Agarwood Oil is a great unique discovery that transform and nourish your beauty from the inside out.


agarwood oil distillation

What is Agarwood Oil?

Agarwood oil, also known as Oud oil, is one of the most rare and precious natural oils. The essential Agarwood oil is extracted from the heartwood of Agarwood tree. There are a number of popular species, but typically Aquilariamalaccensis, Aquilariaagallocha or Aquilariacrassna are used to make the oil. The essential Agarwood oil is derived from steam distillation. The whole process is handmade and takes time to filter and purify the oil, so this oil is extremely expensive.

The essential Agarwood oil is deep reddish brown, strongly scented with Agarwood. When burning, the pure oilhas warm and mild scent of wood, so it is preferred to make fragrance in the Middle East, and applied to beauty products.

In the past centuries, the loyals used the essential Agarwood oil for beauty. Let’s find out the benefits of this special gift from nature!


Agarwood oil with outside beauty

The essential Agarwood oil is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, so it is extremely useful in anti-aging and acne treatment. This oil significantly reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while dramatically increasing firmness. Moreover, this pure oil visibly dissolves dark spots to revitalize skin’s natural tone and even complexion, bringing a healthy, youthful and glowing skin.

Because of highly anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, the essential Agarwood oil reduce blemish and redness effectively. In addition, the experts indicate that pure Agarwood oil is also used for stretching the skin for postpartum women, as well as minimizing dark circles and reducing crow’s feet at the eye area.



Agarwood oil with beauty from within

According to surveys at dermatological clinics in America, 30-60% of patients have skin problems resulting from psychological causes or stress.

Scientists have discovered that when we are under stress, our bodies release a remarkable amount of cortisol and free radicals that mainly cause aging. In addition, cortisol damages the skin, narrows blood vessels and removes nutrients from the cells. As a result, the immune system weakens and the skin becomes super sensitive, causing acne, rash, itching, allergies… and many skin disorders.

Your skin can be discolored or appear rash by stress, anxiety,… Therefore, measures of emotional balance such as yoga, spa, hot water bath with essential oils … are extremely necessary.

The essential Agarwood oil helps people practicing meditation/yoga by the way of increasing their concentration. In particular, before the training session, you can use oil burner to spread the oil in your practice space from about 30 minutes to 1 hour, or massage your neck with 1 or 2 drops of oil.

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