Vibro Sifter – Applicability And Usability in Pharmaceuticals

Vibro sifter is one of the needed types of machinery in many laboratory and industrial processes. It is used for the gradation of raw materials by separating materials based on their particle size. Ideally, these are circular unitary gyratory screens which are also referred to as vibrating sifters, control sieves, vibro sieves or check screen. Vibro Sifter is available in many configurations, design, capability, etc. depending upon their requirement or application in specific activities.


A Vibro sifter is not something unusual for the pharmaceutical or food processing industry and they are present in different categories depending upon size, the number of sieves, and specific application of equipment.

Working Principle of Vibro Sifter


Vibro Sifter works on the gyro principle. The word gyro here refers to Gyroscopic motion which is a tendency of a rotating object in order to maintain the orientation of its rotation. In machines, gyratory motion is obtained from specially designed gyro motor, which is fitted underneath the vibrating assembly. A specially designed rugged spring completely isolates this assembly from the base with the help of Gyro-motor. The motor is fitted with eccentric weights present at its as well as base to create centrifugal force. This whole assembly is covered by an SS plate.

Assembling a Gyro Machine

The deck hopper is also shielded from SS 316 sheet. A discharge port is provided on the hopper to collect the tangential discharge.
A charging port is connected to the Conical shape top lid. There is a screen fitted in between the hopper & top lid. The machine’s inner & outer surfaces are mirror polished.

How does Vibro Sifter Machine Work?

Firstly the material which we wish to separate is fed into the machine. Hopper acts as feeding for the machine. Then it is assured that the rest components such as cover, screen structure, and the base frame are tightly clamped. Once the machine is given the power the vibrating motor will create a motion and screen or sieve will start moving in the motion. Material for separation now starts moving towards sieve depending on the size of the particle. They move in a continuous flow and are exited through the other end of the machine.

Vibro Sifter Applications in Pharma Companies

Vibro Sifter is one of the crucial components for the Pharmaceutical company as it is used in the end process. Vibro sifter ensures that there is no contamination and offers assured particles in the end product.

We all know that preciseness is a must while we are manufacturing medicines as a slight increase or decrease in the quantity of the raw ingredient will alter the efficacy of the medicines. So, not only in end processes, but it can also be used while separating two or more ingredients from a mixture in order to weigh and create pellets. Thus, there is a need for such equipment in pharma companies. Besides Pharmaceuticals, the food and beverage industry also uses this machine.

The Conclusion

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