Glass Putty Sigma Mixer

Glass Putty Sigma mixer

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Application & Process :

The Glass Putty Mixer Blender is designed for uniformly wet & dry mixing and blending technology provides the ideal environment for effectively optimum mixing a wide distribution of particle size and bulk densities without segregation of powder, granular, short fibered, moist solids and liquids together with pasty substances up to and including highly viscous masses in the pharmaceutical, chemical, herbal, cosmetic, food, pesticides, detergents, and plastics industries.

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Sigma Mixer Kneader can be widely used in High viscosity, High elastic-plastic material’s mixing,kneading, crushing , rejoining etc.

It with function of mixing uniformity,No dead angle,high kneading efficiency.

Main application:Chewing gum,Tooth paste,Plastic,Rubber,Silicone sealant,Dye,Color,Paint,Printing ink,Food Gum base.Carbon,High viscosity sealant,Glass glue,Silicone resin etc.

Main Type

Kneader mainly including Ordinal ,Pressure,Vacuum,High Temperature type.

According to material:Carbon steel Kneader,Stainless steel Kneader & Special material kneader.

Discharging way:Hydraulic Tilt dumping,Bottom valve discharging & Screw Extrusion discharge

According to capacity:2-3000 Ltr

According to different heating medium:Steam heating,Thermal oil heating & Electric heating.Cooling water to cool.

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